USN collection

Mark 8 reflector Gunsights

Not trying to collect all Mods and different manufacturers of the standard WWII Mark 8 as it would be almost an endless search.

Below are the post WWII Mark 8 sights.

Mark 9 reflector Gunsights

Quite easy to find as this sight was produced “en masse” during WWII.

Mk 18 gyro Gunsights (turret)

Standard Mk 18 Mod 0 or 1 are by far the easiest computing gunsight to be found today. Same can however not be said for sub variants or mods.

Mk 10 Mod 0 gyro Gunsight (turret)

Mk. 1 sight Unit

Just been able to find a Mod. 5 so far. Search goes on.

Mk. 20 Gunsight

Just been able to find a Mod. 4 so far. Search goes on.

Mk. 21 (K-14) gyro Gunsight

Found two of them. Must be late versions as, besides the range drums, dataplate and Navy stamps, they are externally identical to AAF produced K-14A.

Mk. 23 gyro Gunsight

Mk 8 Sight Unit

Librascope Gunsight

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