Italy Collection

San Giorgio collimatore

Missing the bulb assembly but otherwise complete.

San Giorgio Tipo B

Lucky find from early 2014. Incomplete but still quite unique as even the aircrafts in the Italian AF Museum are using plastic replicas. Missing the bulb(s) holder at the bottom, the reticle and the original reflector glass. Painted in standard verde anticorrosione. The adjusting mechanism at the back of the sight differ from the version detailed in the 1938 manual. That one had two locking knobs on the left and right and an vertical adjustment knob at the bottom whereas mine has only one locking knob on the left side and a vertical adjustment knob (from 0 to 12) on the right side. Probably a later version.

San Giorgio Tipo C

Acquired in 2010. Was missing reticle, both reflector glasses and some parts of the back-up ring and dot sight. Reflector glasses have since been replaced with new ones thanks to an Italian collector.

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