As an enthusiast and collector, i’m of course always and very much interested to be in contacts with others who share the same interests. So, if:

  • you have any photos, info, data, … that you would like to share to improve or correct this website;
  • you have any interesting gunsight that you would like to sell, exchange, donate(!!);
  • you have any unanswered question or identification problem on a Gunsight;
  • you need info or documentation on a particular gunsight that you do not yet find in the website;

Please contact me at : or leave a message here.

It will be my pleasure.


Laurent (Belgium)


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Best Laurent,

    My father has a REVI C / 12 C in the original box (Gerat Nr. 127 22C-1) and I wondered whether what kind of value had such a sight.
    Do you know this?

    Thank you.


    • Hello Nico,

      Sorry for late reply. A revi 12C is actually quite rare (especially if complete in it’s storage box) and yes is quite valuable.

      If you can send me a few good quality photos (please send to my email address) i’ll be able to tell you in more details.



  2. Seems that you have taken one of my photos for your site. The one showing the N-9 lighted reticle with the 3 Vigilante aircraft in the background. Please foot note this photo as being by Bill Thorp
    Thank you .
    Bill Thorp

    • Hello Bill

      Will gladly do so. Remember i took it from an Ebay sale couple of years ago. If you still have one of those N-9 sight for the RF-84F, i’m interested.



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